Step-By-Step Overview

A basic step-by-step overview of what Ronovationz and our Property Wealth Coaches will do to help get you on your property journey.

STEP 1 – Goal Setting

Your Coach will sit down with you 1:1 and work out what your Goals are.  Whether you want to buy your first home, buy your first investment property or to grow your current one, your Coach will work out the best way forward for you and personalise a strategy to fit your circumstances.

STEP 2 – Finance

Your Coach will now introduce you to one of our trusted Mortgage Brokers.  They will look at your numbers with you and work out how much you can spend on that first home or investment property whilst making sure you don't over commit yourself at the same time.  They will also approach the banks on your behalf to find the best possible rates.

STEP 3 – Finding A Property

This is the fun part! We go 'On The Road' or as we like to call it 'OTR'.  We meet as a group at the same location every week - come rain or shine!  We try our best to reduce our carbon footprint by carpooling.  Our team of dedicated Estate Agents give us private viewings and we often get access to properties before they even come on the market!

STEP 4 – Buying A Property

You've found 'the' perfect property!  Your Coach will now guide you and help you to 'buy smart'.  They will help you place an offer, bid on your behalf at auction (or advise you to bid if you wish to do it yourself), they will negotiate and help you complete a Sales & Purchase Agreement.  Your Coach will literally hold your hand every step of the way!

STEP 5 – Renovation

Once you have the keys, your builder can start the renovation.  Your Coach would have walked through with you before Settlement Day and worked out what renovation work needs to be carried out, new floor plans (if any) the costs and timeline.  You can choose to do the reno yourself or if you don't have the time, hand it over to one of our trusted builders who will hand the keys back to you once completed.

STEP 6 – Amazing Results

Ronovationz has a 100% success rate in helping our students achieve amazing results.

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